Looking at the Leap of Lock Industry from the Development of China's Lock Base

Watch the great leap of lock industry

      The history of locks can be traced back to the wooden locks that appeared more than 5000 years ago. After several centuries of development, with the continuous development and progress of human society, the use and scope of locks have also been continuously expanded, which forces people to pay attention to the development of lock production. At the same time, many inventions made by people on locks have also made the lock industry start to flourish and make positive contributions to social civilization.
At present, our country's lock series products mainly include padlocks, spherical locks, bicycle and motorcycle locks, industrial locks, car locks, train locks, torture locks, craft commemorative locks, hotel locks, etc. There are thousands of varieties, which constitute our country's existing lock system.
With the rapid development of science and technology, especially the wide application of microelectronics and bio-information technology in all walks of life, the lock industry is developing in the direction of high technology content and strong security and confidentiality. In the late 1980s, the lock industry ushered in a new era of development. It developed beautiful, electromechanical integrated locks that meet the development of other industries and the needs of people's lives, and advanced intelligent locks such as magnetic card, tc card, tm card locks that can be classified and managed for hotels and have the "black box" function.
In recent years, the appearance of fingerprint lock, with its reliability, safety and convenience, represents the advanced level of China's lock industry and is in the leading position in the world. With the fingerprint living body recognition technology, each lock can store more than 700 fingerprints, and can query 8000 records that have been unlocked recently. The recognition speed is less than 1 second, voice guidance, and the operation is very simple, and the loss and theft of traditional mechanical locks and identification card lock keys are avoided. At present, it has been widely used in finance, insurance, hotels, office buildings and equipment management. The voice lock, iris and face recognition access control system grafted with advanced biometric technology have made outstanding contributions to improving people's living standards and promoting the development of other industries.
Technology is improving, locks are changing and innovating, locks, as necessities in life and the god of safety, although the market is quite mature now, it can be predicted that it will be an industry that will not fall. At the same time, with the development of electronic technology and life technology, the lock will always exist as the main body of mechanical components, although its use function is constantly improved. Therefore, the lock industry should not only study the application of new technologies, but also continuously study the continuous transformation of traditional mechanical lock bodies.