Principle of mechanical code lock

The mechanical code lock operates in a unique way, using the dialing principle of the old telephone - starting from the starting point of the dial, turning the dial clockwise to a certain number, then returning to the starting point, and then entering a password. Repeat this until the last password of Zui is entered, and the lock can be unlocked. At the same time of unlocking, the internal locking position has been reset, so after closing the lock, only re-enter the password can unlock again. Compared with ordinary locks, this type of password lock is highly confidential. Because if it is a six-digit password, there will be more than 2.98 million groups of passwords for the owner to change at will, so many people like to use password mechanical locks. Speaking of this, some people may say, can't the current smart password lock also achieve this effect? But in fact, the smart code lock is more advanced, but if there is no electricity, the smart lock will face the problem of "paralysis" and bring unnecessary trouble, and it is not a simple thing for the smart code lock to reset the password. Therefore, in some aspects, mechanical code lock is also irreplaceable.