Development and change of copper lock

Copper locks have a wide range of applications. Secondly, copper is not easy to rust. After years of polishing, the luster will become more soft and beautiful. At that time, the copper lock company took "serving the people" as the purpose of production and manufacturing service, rather than profit as the goal of pursuing quality. If it hadn't started late, the copper lock products produced and manufactured - not "goods" but "products" - would also be reliable. What ensured the quality of copper lock products at that time? The outside depends on the control of government departments, and the internal depends on ideological and political work, product management (inspection) rules and regulations, and technological innovation. The underlying driving force system is spiritual motivation. The way of reward is praise and certificate of honor, and the way of punishment is usually blame.
So, not only are many goods very good, but they are getting better and better. Even copper lock products -- not "products" but "commodities" -- come out like springs. What is the guarantee of their quality? The outside depends on market demand, the internal depends on strict requirements, plus technical innovation. But market competition is the fundamental driving force. The main ways of reward are chemical substances and special awards, while the key way of punishment is punishment (economic punishment).
Our generation has experienced two social developments, two systems and two kinds of living habits. How lucky you are to be able to read the autumn and spring of the world and experience the changes of the world that have not been experienced in ancient civilization with the transience of the times!